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Review: The Fall

The Fall - Bethany Griffin

This is a very strange novel. This book is very bleak, there is nothing redeeming or uplifting about it. It is not a pleasant story, it is very uncomfortable and gloomy. Dark and dreary and very long winded. That being said - I found it compelling and page turning. Its a re imagining of the Fall of the House of Usher.



There's also trigger warnings for animal death and incest.  Nothing is described in detail, the animal death is disturbing all the same. As soon as the animal comes in (a wolfhound becomes a beloved but with the nature of the novel and the grimmness of the tale - its a sinking feeling as soon as this dog comes in that something is going to happen to it. There is a hint of incest between twins as well - nothing happens - its not 'Game of Thrones' graphic but its hinted at particularly towards the end of the book. Though to be fair, the twins involved are utterly horrified when they figure it out. But its there and its - still uncomfortable. 

(show spoiler)

Despite the disturbing plot and bleakness of the book, it was still a gripping read. One thing I found I liked a lot that helped get through it all was very short chapters. I think it if the chapters had been long I might have given up on it. Having not read the original Fall of the House of Usher I can't make any comparisons. But I did like it.


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