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Review: Venom (Secrets of the Eternal Rose)

Venom  - Fiona Paul

A bit of cover lust got my attention for this one, plus YA murder mystery in Renaissance Venice? A must have.


The first 150 pages or so were quite good, intriguing. The mystery was fairly compelling, even if the main character did make me roll my eyes a lot. I just didn't like her. By the middle of the book, I found myself constantly wanting to slap her. She was irritating and whiny. Some of it, I could understand. Given the time period and the girl's upper class social standing. She's trapped and doesn't have a whole lot of choice, her future has been decided for her, a husband picked out. And while he seemed like a nice enough guy, oh look - she's met a handsome artist who immediately grabs her attention.



**Very mild plot spoilers**

She came across, at least to me, as whiny. She was forever going on about how caged she felt. Which as I said, I could sort of understand. The girl discovers a mystery and a dead body where it shouldn't be and at least kudos to her, she and her new artist friend do put their heads together to try and solve this. She ventures out of her comfort zone into the darker parts of Venice. At one point disguising herself as courtesan. Though when she gets there, all she does is bitch about the lifestyle and slut shames. And goes back to whining about being trapped like a bird in a gilded cage. Urg. No. She also spends a large amount of timing running around not doing much and then feinting when things get too much. Also annoying.

(show spoiler)


The new love interest, the artist, is a mystery in himself, with some disturbing secrets. But there are way too many questions presented, which our main character, seems to just...accept before getting into her head to start asking questions. It was the same thing over and over. And got tiring very fast.


So while I loved the setting, the story itself did not work for me. Not a series I will be continuing.


Crosses off a square for Holiday Bingo - A Historical.