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Review: Echo (Soul Seeks #2)

Echo - Alyson Noel

Not as good as the first book, I must admit. But I like the series, so I have the next two books ready and waiting.


The second book picks up almost right where the first book left off. Our main character Daire is now working towards her destiny as a Soul Seeker and learning about her powers determined to defeat the evil Richter clan (the bad guys) and madly in love with her new boyfriend Dace Whitefeather (twin of evil villain Cade Richter) all have roles in some big prophecy.


I was quite surprised to see fairly early on, almost within the first hundred pages, something I didn't except, a very tastefully written sex scene, romantic and very well written. Which turned out to be a big turning point for the plot. No details as it would be very spoilery.


But shortly after the love affair is deemed doomed, and Daire and Dace spend the rest of the book in an oh no we love each other desperately but we can't be together because prophecy and doom and blah blah blah. And figuring out how to beat the bad guy when all they want is to be together.


Where in the first book Daire's speshul snowflake status repeated over and over drove me up the wall, (its not so bad in this second installment) what drove me up the wall in this one was how they go on and on about how evil Cade is. Cade's dialogue is laughable to the point of (to borrow a phrase) "taken the leap from every day villany to cartoonish super-villany".


What I absolutely love about this story is the setting and the Native American mythology. The mythology worked in is fascinating and its very compelling seeing how each character has a part to play and how it all works together. Despite the fact that everyone seems determined to translate various prophecies to their own needs and ignore everything else.


A damn good cliffhanger at the end.


Crosses off a square for Holiday Bingo - Native American MC