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Review: The 100

The 100 - Kass Morgan

Initially when this first came out I wasn't that interested. It was only when my twitter feed exploded with most of the bloggers I follow fangirling over the tv show version of this book it got my attention again. I watched the pilot some time ago and wasn't impressed with it. (I'm told the show gets much better) but I wasn't sold so thought...I know! I'll read the book.


From what I gather book and TV show are quite different. I actually quite liked the book. The book was ridiculous in parts, the writing was very flowery and purple prosey and certain characters made me want to punch them. However silly the plot and the characters were, it was ridiculously addictive. The premise was interesting enough. Set several hundred years in the future, Earth has been uninhabitable for many centuries for reasons. The human race lives on giant spaceship colonies very harshly governed. 100 teenage criminals sent off to try and see its now inhabitable. Including the Chancellor's son and the daughter of two renowned (though executed) scientists.


Its told in a what's happening now and flashbacks which worked quite well. Centering around half a dozen main characters, the others - the "hundred" most seem to be filler. The main characters Clarke, Wells, Bellamy, Octavia, Glass and Luke. Aside from Luke, most of the boys in this book are utter idiots. Wells is thinking more with with a heart than a head and in spite of being fairly logical and the one people seem to turn to to handle things - a mix of emotions and stupid actions which were a huge WTF by the time the end came. Bellamy is obsessed with protecting his perfect baby sister Octavia and completely blind to anything negative about her.  Glass is a spoiled rich girl who falls in love with guard Luke. Luke was the most level headed male character. Glass's actions in falling head over heels for him had some pretty grave consequences, but I think she was a much more likeable character than some the others.


The scientists' daughter Clarke, the heroine, was actually very likeable and levelheaded. Smart and sensible, like all of them did some stupid things, but with her it was easier to overlook, because I liked her more.


The plot had some good twists and turns and got pretty good towards the end and the end was one fantastic cliffhanger. So in spite of the stupid things that made me want to throw things, it was very enjoyable to read. So I now have a DVD of the tv show, and the next book in the series.


Also crossing off a square for Holiday Bingo - the freebie star.