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Review: The Emerald Talisman

The Emerald Talisman - Brenda Pandos

This was one of the first freebies I picked up for my Kindle a couple of years ago. I have so many freebies I got and have never got round to reading them, so I now have a policy if I can make it past the first 10-15% its a keeper. Review will contain some ranty spoilers.


The first 10-15% wasn't actually that bad. The main character was as dull as dry toast but the writing was okay, no obvious glaring typos or anything. Then after that it rapidly went down hill. It had the biggest YA cliche of all - a missing parent. Insta-love. A stupid heroine. And fast became a Twilight rip off.

Personally, I loved Twilight. Still do. I don't mind books that follow a similar formula, but when I came across one scene other than the fact it was over cliffs by the beach it felt like a total rip off of the wonderful scene in Twilight where Bella and Edward race/fly through the trees in the woods. This girl and her vampire-esque companion flew over cliffs and caves by a beach. It was the SAME THING. Just a different scene.

(show spoiler)

To be fair, though, the love interest Nicholas was actually a fairly interesting character. In spite of the old "I'm watching over you to protect you but I'm really dangerous you don't want to get involved with me". While the sensible part of my brain is screaming THIS IS STALKERY AND WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS!!! I can actually see the appeal of having someone strong and handsome and other worldly looking out for you.


After the scene in the cave I was pretty much done. I skimmed the rest. The main character Julia was just so...bland and dull.

And stupid. Almost right off she finds herself in a situation where if something was going to go wrong it would - car problems, no cell signal, stranded by a dark road with a choice of either go the long way home walk down the road or cut through the woods. After nearly dying and being saved by a mysterious boy who walks her home she's injured and has fallen madly in insta love with the mysterious boy. Which will annoying as hell is also sort of understandable. But she becomes so whiny and obsessive and ignores everyone else its eye rollingly stupid. And a second guy comes along. Oh look. Love triangle! Love triangles don't actually bother me, but this one did. It was a plot advancement and not a brilliant one.

(show spoiler)

Plus is takes so long for things to start happening it was boring. And still falls along the line of in spite of obvious danger Julia does dumb things and continues to be obsessively in love with Nicholas. Who went from being mildly interesting to dull and annoying by this point.  After the cliff/caves thing I was done. I skimmed the rest. And deleted it from my kindle.


Not a series I will be continuing.