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Review: Divergent - Book vs Movie

Divergent - Veronica Roth

In the summer I watched the Divergent movie on a flight home from the US to UK. And was surprised at how much I loved the movie considering the first time I read the book I really did not like it much at all. 


You can see my first review of Divergent here.


I read the first half of the book fairly quickly then it was a month or so before I picked it up and finished it. And was less than impressed with it. But the movie....was fantastic. I think it helped a lot without Tris's inner voice blathering on, and the fact that I had a good visual of setting up what the world was like and what it as like seeing the Dauntless really do what they do. I think from reading it I must just not have developed much of a metal picture of the world building as there was none. 


However, I had the idea in mind that at some point I should reread the book.(I tweeted about it and then ten minutes later had a reply from Walmart of all people telling me if I wanted to get the books again you can get them from us, here's a link! Which I thought was rather funny at the time). I did however, about two weeks later get the book again for Kindle.


And read it again. This time it took me just over a week to read it. And I did find I liked the book much better. I had a better picture in my head of what was going on, and found I could understand where Tris was coming from a lot more. I'm still not entirely sold on the Tris/Four romance thing. I did like her as a character much more. While some of the inner voice was still annoying, it made a lot more sense. I think if I had seen the movie before reading the book the first time I would have given it a much higher rating. Its one of the rare times for me that the movie is better than the book.  But I'm glad I gave the book another chance. 


I wonder if this will work when Insurgent comes out.