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Review: Frozen Charlotte

Frozen Charlotte (Red Eye) - Alex Bell

I recieved a copy from Netgalley.


I started this book yesterday and finished today, just couldn't put it down. Not sure what I was expecting when I went into it, it was something I found whilst browsing Netgalley. It was a fast read, a delightfully creepy and morbid ghost story.


A good, creepy plot, though I did figure out who the bad guy really was almost immediately, that didn't particularly bother me as the story was quite engaging. Nice and descriptive. My only real issue was I found the main character Sophie very bland to the point of boring, she had hardly any personality and there was nothing remarkable about her in anyway where every other character had something off or mysterious about them that made them interesting.


Sophie just seemed to be there....trying to get through and cope with freaky things that kept happening and strange new people in her life. While I might not have particularlyl liked Sophie much, I think the story worked very well. At least she was sensible and didn't act like a horror movie heroine idiot.


The Frozen Charlotte folk story worked in throughout was deliciously macabre and I liked the little twist in the epilogue at the end. All in all a fun creepy ghost story and definitely an author I would read again.


Thank you to Netgalley and Little Tiger Group for approving my request to view the title.