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Review: Stella

Stella: A Novel by Eve, Helen [St. Martin's Griffin, 2014] (Hardcover) [ Hardcover ] - Eve

I received a copy from Netgalley.


I've mentioned in a few of my previous reviews that rich people problems are a favourites guilty pleasure of mine. This book definitely comes under the category of rich people problems, but I did not enjoy this book much at all. Can't fault the writing or the story telling. The writing was actually pretty good, and even fairly moving in certain parts. The story was compelling enough that I need to finish the whole thing to see what happened in the end.


My problem with this book was the chracters. Set at a posh British boarding school the whole thing seems to be about the election to be Head Girl and the clique of pretty perfect popular girls that everyone wants to be part of thst run the school, and the new American girl who comes in half way through the term and throws everything into disarray. I can see the appeal of the clique who call themselves the Stars. Lead by the prettiest, richest girl of all, Stella.


First problem....the prologue. I hated the prologue. Why would you bother writing an intro the book on the most self obsessed, bitcy, most unalikesble character ever with no promise that at least there is some sort of redemption where she gets her commupance? If I had been in a book store and read the prologue before deciding to buy I would have put this book back on the shelf and say no thank you. The characters were all the same, vapid, spoiled idiots with no brains of their own and a cold cruel manipulative leader who manages to make everyone do what she wants while she backstabs and lies regardless of whether or not anyone else actually feels things. And of course there are no consequences to their constant bad behaviour.


They are portrayed as glamourous, good students and just what everyone should inspire to be. And inspire of my utter disdain for these characters, I can actually see the appeal of why so many of the students are desperate to be in this group. Remove the leader, and on their own, the rest of the girls are not that bad. But as they've all been friends their whole lives more or less it's going to be very hard to break the status quo.


There was one character I actually liked, the new girl who comes in, Caitlin. She's from a rich posh Manhattan family who comes into the school, first thought are great, she's going to shake things up compelling and get this Stella bitch knocked off per pedestal. The plot is fairly predictable.


And there are a few moments when you think think that certain characters are finally getting their heads out their asses and realising what idiots their being, but by the time it happens dot was like, so what? It was too little too late. And the one character I liked by the end had had a complete personality change and I ended up hating her.


I didn't see the end coming, but I didn't like the ending at all. It was ridiculously overly dramatic, dumb and enduced some major for fucks sake eye rolling. I will not being continuing with this series.


Thank you to Netgalley and Pan Macmillan for approving my request to view the title, even though this books was not for me.