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Review: Love is Darkness

Love is Darkness - Caroline Hanson

This is something I've had sat on my Kindle for ages, I got it when it was an Amazon freebie.


Some mild spoilers.


It started out very promisingly, I have a policy now on Kindle freebies if I can make it past the first 10-15% of the book, its a keeper, this one got my attention with in the first 10% and I liked the concept, Valerie is the daughter of a vampire hunter, and is out on the hunt with her dad and his handsome apprentice, Jack. Initially I liked Valerie, she was spunky and held herself together quite well. She wanted nothing to do with the vampire hunter life style and wanted to go to college and forget all about it.


Problem - she has a huge crush on Jack the apprentice, doesn't help when the hunt she's on goes wrong and she's saved by sex on legs vampire king Lucas. Five years later Valerie is in college in England. And here's where it starts rapidly going down hill.

(show spoiler)

A few things that really annoyed me. First - typos. This book was full of them. Yes, its self published, but that's still no excuses for missed speech marks and words at the end of sentences that didn't belong and in one case a misspelling of a main character's name! Second thing that pissed me off - over use of the word "shag". Valerie comes to the UK, and good for her to play up her sexuality but every time she wants to hook up, its like, need to find the boyfriend and shag. Shag was mentioned over and over as soon as she gets to the UK.  Its not clever, its not funny, its grating and irritating. And at one point she refuses to walk through a certain area because its supposedly a gay hot spot and she doesn't want to "run into two men shagging in the bushes" which just stinks of homophobia and was disgusting. I should have DNFed at that point.


The actual plot had got my attention enough, Valerie is still torn for her feelings for Jack who keeps popping up in inconvenient moments, and then Lucas the vampire king comes in again, and Valerie seems to be just obsessed with how hot he is. Which got repetitive and old very fast. I got more and more irritated with Valerie as the story went on. For a heroine with so much potential she was an idiot.


The world building was fairly interesting, and to be fair, Lucas the vampire king was probably the most interesting character. However, the story didn't wow me, and I was mostly skimming just to see what happened at the end.


Disappointing. And not a series I will be continuing.