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Mini Reviews

17 & Gone - Nova Ren Suma This Song Will Save Your Life - Leila Sales The Sin Eater's Daughter - Melinda Salisbury Dangerous Girls - Abigail Haas Mosquitoland - David  Arnold Rebel Belle - Rachel Hawkins The Hallowed Ones - Laura Bickle Let the Right One in - John Ajvide Lindqvist This is What Happy Looks Like - Jennifer E. Smith Endsinger - Jay Kristoff

A mini review post for some of the books I finished this month but didn't feel like writing full reviews for.


17 & Gone - Nova Ren Suma - 4 Stars. This author is now on my must buy list. 17 & Gone is a strange mystery about a girl who hears and sees the ghosts of teen girls who have gone missing at 17 and no one ever really knows what's happening to them. Its a unique concept as I never quite knew what was real and what was not, is some of it in the narrator's head or what? A moving look at mental illness as well. Very compelling. A little slow and weird, almost dream like at times, but highly recommended.


This Song Will Save Your Life - Leila Sales - 5 Stars. I just loved this book. There are some books you know is going to be a winner right from the start and for me this was one of those books. I could really identify with the heroine in this one, and her voice is so honest and realistic, the journey she takes through the novel is very moving. The entire cast of characters is fun (with some exceptions) but its so realistic. Fantastic book.


The Sin Eater's Daughter - Melinda Salisbury  - 1 star. I thought The Jewel by Amy Ewing was the stupidest book I've ever read but this one takes the cake (at least while stupid The Jewel was entertaining) this book was just awful. High fantasy, the main character supposedly has a terrible gift where she touches people they die and it makes her the queen's high executioner. Flat, boring characters. A main character with no personality, a romance with no passion. A royal line who think they are the next  Targaryens (Game of Thrones reference for any who don't know) ripe with incest and a bitch of a queen. The bitch of the queen who was pissy she had to marry a cousin when her brother died and was perfectly willing to marry her own son at one point to keep the line going. NO. JUST NO. Awful book. – High Fantasy Square for Book Bingo.


Dangerous Girls - Abigail Haas - 5 Stars. - another author on my must buy list. I loved Dangerous Boys. I loved Dangerous Girls. This one is a courtroom drama and murder mystery. One of those wonderfully twisty turny books with no characters who are purely good or purely bad. I did figure out the twist about half way through but it was still so so good. The characters and the story telling are so totally engaging its impossible to put down. Something I could read again and again.


Mosquitoland – David Arnold – 5 Stars. I got this book on a recommendation from one of those Epic Reads ‘what should I read next’ games. So when I saw it whilst browsing through Amazon I thought what the hell. So I got it. And I loved it. Mim is on a road trip to find her mother. Can’t stand her family situation, she needs to get out. Mim has all sorts of adventures on her trip across the US and meets a whole host of unique and quirky characters. This was such a fun and different type of book to me. Mim has a very unique voice. Quirky and she’s not all there, she may or may not have a mental illness which is addressed in the book very well. The character growth in this book is moving and incredible. I just loved it. – Illustrated Cover for Book Bingo.


Rebel Belle – Rachel Hawkins – 4 stars. This was so much fun. The Buffy/Charmed fangirl in me who refuses to die no matter how old I get had an absolute blast with this book. I loved the Southern setting, and I loved Harper, the perfect southern belle. Usually this type of perfect over achiever irritates me but Harper was so much fun. The world building and mythology was quite unique and not seen anything like it at all. I did feel it got a little silly towards the end, but it was still really fun.


The Hallowed Ones – Laura Bickle. 4 stars. I got this from the library. This is one of the most unique vampire./ world on the brink of dystopia books I have ever read. With one of the most unique heroines. Katie’s Amish lifestyle is something I found completely fascinating. She’s also one of the smartest, strongest, sensible heroines I have come across in a long time. Not being of the modern world seemed to give her a stronger edge in how to compose herself when things started going wrong. Good strong head on her shoulders, and no insta love. Her sense of duty and honour was pretty damn amazing. And while there was an awful lot about faith and Amish beliefs, I didn’t find it preachy in the slightest. Highly recommended. – Horror square crossed off for Spring Bingo.


Let The Right One In - John Ajvide Lindqvist 5 Stars. I’ve had this on my kindle for several years. After watching the original movie and finding to be one of the creepiest vampire movies I have ever seen, I wanted to read the book but never got around to it. I finally did. Very very disturbing novel. Yet at the same time, in a weird way compelling. Despite of how uncomfortable reading this book made me, it was impossible to put down. Its also really hard to actually like most of these characters. Except Oskar and Eli. While Oskar’s mind was kind of messed up, considering the hell he goes through with the bullies at his school, its understandable. Even though Eli is one hell of a scary character, there’s something almost likeable about her as her friendship with Oskar develops. Creepy, but good. Bullying square crossed off for Spring Bingo.


This is What Happy Looks Like – Jennifer E Smith. 5 Stars. This is possibly one of the fluffiest, cheesiest romances I have ever read. And I loved it to pieces. After reading some rather gut wrenching books and very emotional this month (Let the Right One In, Endsinger, Little Peach, Mosquitoland) I needed something light hearted and fun. And this book was perfect. Very very predictable. But the characters were enjoyable, believable. And the romance was adorable. And it was just what I needed. And I’m apparently a big softie when it comes to fluffy romances because it made me cry. Yellow Cover square crossed off for Spring Bingo


Endsinger – Jay Kristoff - 5 Stars. The final book in the Lotus War trilogy. Left me an emotional wreck. Worse because I knew the war in this was coming for two books, but that didn’t make it any easier to read, seeing some beloved characters die. You know its going to happen, but its still. Nothing at all what I expected, but a pretty much perfect conclusion to one of my favourite trilogies. (I haven’t really got a lot to say about this that wouldn’t be terribly spoilery, other than I loved it) Aussie Author square crossed off for Spring Bingo.