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Review: Tempest Rising

Tempest Rising - Tracy Deebs

I found a YA mermaid book I didn't hate!


This is one of those books I've had on my kindle for a few years now and never got around to reading. Something I picked at random on a slow afternoon. My policy with stuff I've had for ages on my kindle is if I get past the first 10% without wanting to throw something the book is a keeper. I haven't had a lot of luck with YA books with underwater themes. But this one got my attention right off.


While the California surfer lingo was more than a little irritating, the story got my attention pretty quickly. The mythology was pretty unique as well. There were certain times particularly when the under water world was introduced that things turned pretty ludicrous, but I was actually able to over look it and enjoy the story (even if it was absurd). 


I think it partly helped a great deal that I really liked the main character, Tempest. (Despite her having a rather silly and irritating name). She was spunky and attitudey without being over the top about it. Moody at times, but also quite logical and smart at times as well. The mythology was rather unique as well. In this case, the girl is well aware of her mermaid heritage through her absentee mother's side and has a choice at 17 to either give into the call of the sea or remain human. She handles the onset of new powers surprisingly well. She does have her freakouts and moments where she has a temper tantrum, but for a sixteen/seventeen year old it was pretty well done. I didn't get too annoyed with her. 


She has a pretty great family dynamic, Dad and two younger brothers. Absentee mother, (this is explained and plays a rather important part in the whole mermaid mythology thing). She's an accomplished surfer, has a steady boyfriend (who's a bit of an over possessive ass). Until a mysterious sexy new comer comes along. It was a tad bit insta-lovey when the new guy shows up. She has one chance meeting with him under odd circumstances in a rainstorm and then suddenly he's everywhere and her feelings are changing towards the boyfriend. 


This is one of those rare cases (for this reader at least) where I was able to overlook the insta love because the story was so well written. Its got some great action scenes, some romance. And as I mentioned, once the underwater world comes into play it does get a little silly in parts. Again, I could over look it. I still wanted to know where the story was going. 


All in all, a fun read with unique mythology and great characters. A series I am definitely looking forward to continue.