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Review: Stormwalker

Stormwalker - Allyson James

A great start to a series.


This book has pretty much everything I look for in an Urban Fantasy. Kick ass heroine, great mythology and world building, murder mystery side plot, sex on legs love interest, and sizzling romance. 


Check, check, check and double check on the love interest and romance. 


Janet has a strange superpower from iffy origins...she's a Stormwalker, she can control storms - rain and lightning, etc. The whole thing is steeped in the most wonderful Navajo mythology. On again/Off again boyfriend Mick is sexy and mysterious with a wickedly hot superpower of his own.


Starting off with an action packed punch, Janet is renovating an old hotel not far off from where she grew up. Along with being asked to come and investigate the disappearance of a Police Chief's daughter. Right off there's magical trouble, the reader is dropped right into the book's mythology and world building. Which lands her in hot water with the new local Sheriff. 


I loved the mythology, the way the magic is weaved into the plot and how normal it is in these people' lives. The only character I really did not like was Nash Jones, the new Sheriff in town. The man is an asshole right from the start and doesn't let up. Refuses to believe Janet no matter what, even when magic and superpowers are used right in front of him. It got very frustrating.


Janet and Mick's relationship was well written, intriguing and not without emotional background drama which made the book all the more compelling. Mick has plenty of supernatural secrets and powers of his own. All which come into play as the novel progresses. And there were some deliciously hot sex scenes. 


There were parts towards the end of the book where the magic and world building did get a little ludicrous and made me giggle a lot because it got to be so silly. Still, a solid start to a series with great characters. Definitely a series I will be looking forward to continuing.


Crosses off a Square for Spring 2015 Bookish Bingo - Rain or Storm in title.