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Review: Sight (The Delta Girls 1)

Sight: The Delta Girls - Book One - Juliet Madison

I received an invite to view the title from Diversion Books via Netgalley.


I'm not really sure what to make of this book, to be honest. I didn't think it was terrible, but then again, I didn't particularly like it either. There was nothing wrong with it, it wasn't badly written or anything, no glaring typos or errors I could spot. Fairly original premise - five psychic sisters for five human senses, one girl getting her first boyfriend and how the relationship develops in spite of the discoveries of their new psychic gifts.


I just didn't connect to it. It felt a little too easy and convient in how everything was wrapped up, and a few times I got more of a tell and not show senses I didn't get much of a sense of personality from the main character or that of her sisters, really. There as a decent family dynamic, the mom was nice, and there were some fairly moving scenes towards the end when they finally get some answers on what happened to their missing father and the main characters boyfriend learns the truth about what happened to his own dead father. Though while some of it was moving and beautifully descriptive, some of it felt very cheesy and sickly sweet. Sort of like a Disney movie.


It wasn't a bad book really, I guess it was just not to my taste. I'm not really interested in continuing with this particular series, but I could certainly read something else by this author.


Thank you to Netgalley and Diversion Books for the invite to view the title.