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Review: Because You'll Never Meet Me

— feeling amazing
Because You'll Never Meet Me - Leah Thomas

I received a copy from Netgalley.

When I started this book I was thinking I was getting a nice and fluffy contemporary, maybe would turn out to be kind of emotionally charged but fun non the less. Which it certainly was at points, I was not exactly expecting the dark, almost horrific twists at certain points in the novel.

Certainly, the novel gets points for its incredibly unique characters and storytelling, two very different boys, very different circumstances. Ollie is loveable right from the start, boundless energy and annoying as hell, yet at the same time there's something very compelling and engaging about his character. Moritz on the other hand was gloomy, judgemental, and not in the least bit likeable and it seemed just weird at first to have these two different view points.

As the novel progresses you learn different things about each boy and their lives....Ollie is allergic to electricity and Moritz was born without eyes. Each deals with their unique situation in very different ways. The character development and growth is simply just stunning. I was so emotionally invested in the story and these two characters, I was a basket case of emotions by the end of the novel.

As the novel progresses you learn more about how each boy copes in his world and why he is the way he is, and even the happiest seeming boy can sink into a deep depression and even a grumpy on (though with understandable circumstances) can change is attitude and outlook on things depending on the people around him. 

The plots twist and turn in ways I never thought I would imagine, particularly in Moritz's side. His tale takes on a twist that was quite horrific and shocking. His way of dealing with it is moving and heartbreaking. While Oliver's story takes a certainly dark turn point, its distressing but nowhere near as dark. But its just as effective emotionally. 

And while things looked very bleak and dark, hope flows through in the narration and writing. So not at all what I thought, but utterly captivating in both character arc and storytelling and what I thought was a mildly likeable novel became a brilliantly moving one. I loved it. 

I can not wait to read the next book from this author. 

Huge thanks to Netgalley and Bloomsbury Publishing Plc for approving my request to view this title.