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Story Sprites from Great Imaginations Blog

It's shiny new challenge time!


I had June as a free reading month, but I have come to find I like some reading challenges as they give me a great chance to come across books I wouldn't have read otherwise and to get some books I've got read. The new challenge I've signed up for from Great Imaginations is called Story Sprites


Its pick a color and complete the paths and there are badges to win for each color. As there are squares on everything that appeals to me, I'm going to take the plunge and go for covering the whole path. 


And as usual for new challenges I like to have a plan. Even though nine times out of ten I never stick to it, but at least I like to have an idea of where to focus.


What I have planned so far:

New Adult Non Contemporary - Wicked  - Jennifer L Armtentrout (kindle)

YA Historical - Under a Painted Sky - Stacey Lee (hardback)

A Novel over 400 Pages - Exquisite Captive - Heather Demetrios (paperback)

Fairies as a Theme - All That Burns - Ryan Graudin (paperback)

Primary Colored Cover - The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet Bernie Su (paperback)

Forbidden Romance- How We Fall - Kate Braunning (hardback)

Setting - Alien Planet - This Shattered World - Kaufman/Spooner (hardback)

Cover With a Blonde Girl - The Cage - Megan Shepherd (kindle)

Angels or Demons - Sing for Me - Gracie Madison (netgalley kindle)

Silver Lettering - Nightshade Andrea Cremer (kindle) - this one may change to Crown of Midnight for my TOG reread. 

Indie Author - The Girl and the Gargoyle - Pauline Gruber (netgalley kindle)

More Than One Female Protagonist - Empire of Night - Kelley Armstrong (paperback)

Fairytale Retelling- Towering Alex Flinn (paperback)

Virus/Outbreak theme - Feed - Mira Grant (paperback)


These are all from Netgalley books or books I own. Still have quite a few squares to find things for, but I've got till the end of October to find something.