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Review: The Kiss

The Kiss - Lucy Courtenay

I received a copy from Netgalley with auto approval from Hatchette Children's.

Not for me. I found this book to be tedious, dull and boring. Not cute and funny at all. Sounded like it would be a cute fun contemporary, but it really didn't do anything for me. I didn't feel any connections to any of the characters. Except maybe Fatima (the French girl who comes in towards the end of the novel and is totally awesome).

The plot seemed to be about two best friends Tabatha and Delilah trying to get Tab's ex boyfriend back. Delilah has spent a summer in France and kisses some hot French dude who gives her some smooth line about Aphrodite's Kiss and a legend that goes with it. There's a half assessed attempt of some sort the girls try to use this whole Kiss legend to get the ex boyfriend back. It starts out when Tabatha tries to get free drinks or something (its so boring I can't remember) and kisses the bar tender, and her boyfriend finds out and freaks and dumps her. So she enlists Delilah's help to get the bar guy to smooth things over. Doesn't go to plan and Delilah's gets involved with the bar guy.

There's a lot of is this Kiss legend real or just made up stuff floating around. Delilah is practical and blunt though I get the feeling she' trying to be witty and quips a lot of snarky comments which are meant to be funny. But just weren't. At least not to me.

The second half of the novel focuses on getting a stage play up and going with disaster after disaster and the whole Kiss thing seems to be forgotten until right up to the end.

I found the whole thing boring. The characters were mostly flat, the romances lacked passion. Just not to my taste, I guess.