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Review: Snow Angel

Snow Angel - Ronica Black

I received a copy from Netgalley.


A beautifully written, passionate and romantic novella. I read this in less than an hour and loved every word of it. The novella tells the story of two very different women, world famous actress Ellie and reclusive writer Maggie. Maggie lives in remote cabin and a panicked call from a friend leads her to find Ellie who has been visiting the same friend and crashed her SUV in the snow.

Maggie is quiet and sensible whilst Ellie is clearly hiding from something, she’s confused and disorientated from the accident and very suspicious. Being a world famous actress she has the idea in her head that everyone is out to get something from her. Maggie is simply a nice kind person who wants to help because she wants to help.

Maggie has a few secrets of her own, she’s been hurt in a previous relationship many years ago and its had a damaging lasting effect.  As Ellie stays and recovers she gets to know Maggie better and realise things about herself she’s tried to bury and ignore for many many years.

Its soft and romantic as the two fall into a passionate relationship. Very intimate, and (very hot) sex scenes. Though not without its problems as Maggie and Ellie have to deal with each other and Ellie’s life in the public eye and Maggie’s tendency to hide from people.  Amazingly pulled together for such a short novella and just 110 pages, but believable with two different but well written lead characters.

I loved it.


Thank you Netgalley and Bold Stroke Books for approving my request to view the title.