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DNF: Between Us and The Moon

— feeling bad smell
Between Us and the Moon - Rebecca Maizel

This is usually the type of summer themed coming of age contemporary that I love. And in some ways I can understand where Sarah, the main character, is coming from.

She's fifteen about to turn sixteen, and just been dumped by her best friend turned boyfriend because she hides behind her love of science and doesn't get involved in the world unless she has to. During the annual summer trip to their aunt's house at the beach Sarah decides she will try and act more like her pretty popular older sister Scarlett who has loads of friends and boyfriends.  Whilst starting this experiment, Sarah meets Andrew, a handsome local boy. They hit it off in an awkward but cute way. Should be fun enough and fairly easy to see where it's going right?

My biggest problem with this is the age difference. Normally that wouldn't bother me if both parties knew the ages of the other person. She's just turning sixteen and he's 19 or 20. If he knew how old she was and they fell in love regardless, chances are I would love this book.  The problem I have is Sarah lies about her age. Tells him she's 18. This left me with a sinking feeling. I skipped to the last few pages and that made me even more irritated. Sarah lied about her age to a boy who is 20. If someone finds out about their relationship and objects there could be serious potentially life ruining consequences for this boy. Does Sarah even think about this? No! Not at the start of the book, when the relationship starts, maybe she's thinking it won't go anywhere (when it's fairly obvious it will)  Maybe in the middle this point comes up? I don't know.


(show spoiler)

Based on that alone and what I read of the end of the book, I'm too annoyed to really to want to know how they got there. Especially since this was a book I was really looking forward to. I'm now marking it as  DNF.