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Runes  - Ednah Walters Surprisingly good. Wasn't sure what to expect with this one, as while it sounded good, it also sounded a very familiar story, but once I started...I couldn't put it down. Raine's coping with ordinary teenage life and finally owning up to feelings for the boy who's been her best friend forever, and then sexy mysterious Torin moves in next door....and everything changes. The fantastic thing about this book is the hints dropped of the supernatural storyline. You know right away there's something not normal about Torin, and he's well written and exciting and whilst there are hints throughout the book until about half way through the answer isn't revealed until almost at the end...and its great because it's not obvious. The clues are there, and I was thinking one thing, then turned out to be something else completely.The romance between Raine and Torin is also very well done for YA paranormal love triangle. She's finally got her best friend turned boyfriend Eirik and she really really wants to hold onto him and not have anything to do with the dark and dangerous world she finds herself involved in with Torin. And even though I found myself actually really liking Eirik, he's a good guy...but Torin is just so much more sizzling. So I could easily see why Raine was having difficulty choosing. I loved the Norse mythology use as its not something I've read before and the use of rune magic was different and fun to read about as well.Raine is a smart heroine, she finds out about a supernatural threat and does the research on it, even though she's drawn to the bad boy. She doesn't want to be involved, but as the novel progresses her feelings to do. The story is exciting and well written with a good clearly thought out plot. The ending was a brilliant cliffhanger and I can't wait for book two.Thank you Netgalley for the ARC.