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If You Lived Here, You'd Be Perfect By Now: The Unofficial Guide to Sweet Valley High

If You Lived Here, You'd Be Perfect By Now: The Unofficial Guide to Sweet Valley High - Robin Hardwick "That is the stupidest story I ever heard, and I read the entire Sweet Valley High series." Moe Szyslak - The Simpsons. I wish I had a nice animated pic to go with that quote, but alas, I don't. Never mind. An immensely enjoyable read of some wonderfully funny and snarky Sweet Valley High recaps. I remember reading these books over and over when I was a teen, they were over the top and ridiculous, but totally and utterly addictive.Even now I'm a grown up I still like picking up a Sweet Valley book and having a giggle at some old favourites and thanks to ebay and amazon market place finding some of the ones I never read. So this book was a must read for me when I found it. (i found it through goodreads browsing Sweet Valley books)This recap book points out perfectly all the inaccuracies, flaws and everything as grown ups you think how the hell did they get away with this crap?!?!?!? and why oh why was I so in love with this series? Oh well. Massive love to Robin Hardwick for actually reading them all to snarkily recap them in one big volume.Would have liked to see a little more on the Sweet Valley Confidential and its brilliantly bad insanity, but oh well. Thanks to reading this, fuelling my nostalgia, I've now gone and got the rereleases of SVH for my Kindle. (Probably a good thing there's only the first 12 available.)All in all, a fun very enjoyable read.