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Revenge: Blood and Honor Series Book 1

Revenge - Dana Delamar An enjoyable thriller. Though I did like the action parts with the mafia war more than the romance. It started off well, Kate was a smart and interesting heroine who acted sensibly when faced with a dangerous crisis. But then she goes and puts here trust in another dangerous mafia man. True Enrico was a much more honourable and much more likeable man but the whole will she won't she admit her true feelings did get a little annoying. It was a rollers coaster of back and fourth between he loves here so much but cant tell her the truth about himself and she knows there's something wrong and on more than one occasion she tries to leave even as she finds herself falling in love with him. And all the while there's a mob war going on.The book was very well written and engaging and even though some parts of the romance were a little annoying I did enjoy it right through to the end and look forward to the next one in the series.