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Blood and Snow: The Complete Set

Blood and Snow: The Complete Set - RaShelle Workman

The book started off being quite enjoyable and entertaining. I've not seen this type of fairy tale retelling before and it was quite fun. But as the book went on it became more annoying than fun. Snow started off as quite an interesting heroine, but towards the middle and end of the book she became a complete Mary Sue and I found myself rolling my eyes a hell of a lot, and skimming through a lot of it. Like having a specially designed dress by Vera Wang for her sweet sixteen. Seriously?Cindy the best friend was an enjoyable character. I liked the seven brothers, but all of them fawning over how wonderful ordinary Snow was got rather annoying. The twist with vampire Snow and the Hunter was an interesting idea. And I did like the interaction with Sharra the Vampire Queen and how the curse to use Snow and the Hunter to turn her into a vampire.Then all the destiny stuff came in and it got annoying again. Also with the hints dropped left right and centre that of course wonderful Snow was more magical and powerful than anyone could have ever imagined. Urg. And then introducing some sort of vampire hunting angels. More eye rolling. I did enjoy some of the magical elements in the story, the different world and all the magical species and I particularly liked some of the middle novellas in the magical realm. The story tells that a magical Seal gem given to Snow is crucial to her victory. At some point she ends up in a coma two of the novellas tell the story of the Vampire Queens origin and how the curse came to be in place from twin sister of the Vampire Queen Siliandra. That bit of going into the background history and all the magical worlds I did enjoy a lot.But just when the book was starting to get good again, something stupid would happen and I would be rolling my eyes all over again. Like the big magical dragon having a human form. Not necessary. He was a wonderful creation as powerful magic creature, should have been left at that. Why turn give him a human form? The book almost had a satisfactory ending, a true fairy tale ending wrapping everything up nicely. Then something else happened that was completely stupid and unnecessary. Over all a 2.5 star rating. It had its moments. Thank you Netgalley for the ARC.