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2014 Reading Goals

I never stick to New Years resolutions or reading goals, but who knows? Maybe this year can be different. At least with reading goals.


1) - Finish reading Lord of the Rings. I've had this thing on my currently reading shelf since August 2012, and I'm barely at 50%. Its taking me forever to get through it, but I am determined to finish it. 


2) Finish a series with 5 or more books. I have so many paperbacks and iBook and Kindle books with complete series, yet I buy more and more and never seem to get round to completing a series. So this year I will do that. I can aim for finishing the Sookie Stackhouse series, I'm up to book 8/13 there. Maybe also Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series too. Currently up to no 7/13.


3) Finish outstanding Netgalley books. I have 8 to read I've had since October last year. I'd like to say finish these before requesting anymore. (I doubt this will happen). Finish books from Librarything.com member giveaways. I have 4 of these. (Also update librarything.com)


4) Complete Vampire Challenge. I signed up for parajunkee.com's vampire challenge. 10 books with vampires. I can do this one easy. I could probably do the shifter one too, but stick with one and see how I go. 


5) Finish at least two trilogies. 


6) and a maybe - do something with the blog I attempted to start last year other than just copying and pasting the reviews from goodreads.com/booklikes.com. I need content and to organize and something other than a handful of pictures of my cat.