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I snagged a copy when this book was available as a 'Read It Now' on Netgalley. 

This novel was in a recommended reads email from Netgalley, the blurb sounded good so I snagged it. After a few pages, I read some reviews, and admittedly thought I probably wasn't going to be very impressed with this one. I was wrong. Turned out to be a very good read. 

My only real issue with it was the plot was completely predictable. Two damaged teens with troubled pasts coming together and working through the obstacles to resolve things and fall in love. In spite of that, the novel was exceptionally well written. The narrative was quite moving in certain parts. The characters were believable (even jerk-ass step brother Nick who I disliked intensely showed some growth as a character)

The story is told from the point of view of Allie, who feels responsible for an accident that involved her little cousin Maddie. Her recently remarried father drags her off on a summer vacation to "help" her move on from the incident before she starts college in a few months time. She vacations with her annoying stepbrother Nick, Nick's friend Aaron, stepmom Clara, her dad and her friend Brooke. She meets Damien, a hunky mysterious local boy. Allie is very likeable, if a little stubborn and selfish at times, but at least there are some good reasons as to why. She has an iffy relationship with her Dad, and her step mom is not a horrible character, she was quite a nice lady. Damien was a smooth talker, with a hidden past, and some of the typical "bad boy" characteristics - stubborn and mysterious and manages to conveniently show up at the right moments. 

***very mild plot spoilers****
The relationship between Damien and Allie is slow growing, their feelings for each other develop throughout the story. He brings out feelings Allie hasn't dealt with and she warms to him.

Despite some a grizzly local tale about a tragic fire involving a dead family and the son who survived.

(show spoiler)

 Once the grizzly story is mentioned its obvious where the plot is going. But I found I didn't mind the predictable plot because the story was so well written. 

One thing I liked particularly was when certain characters realised there were issues, talked about them and tried to figure a logical way to deal with them. The story was wrapped up nicely as well. One or two loose ends, but I figure its things that can be left to a reader's imagination. 

So overall, a very enjoyable read highly recommended to anyone who likes YA contemporary romance with plenty of feels.