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Review: Summer and the City

Summer and the City: A Carrie Diaries Novel - Candace Bushnell

A fun summer read.

I read the first few pages one day, then read the rest of the book one afternoon. Picking up shortly where the first book left off, Carrie has arrived in New York and is heading off to her first party with Samantha. 

As a Sex and the City fan it was a lot of fun seeing how the girls all come together and how different they are as teens from the icons they grow into. Samantha didn't disappoint, it was interesting to see her earlier years in a way I didn't really expect. Though I have to admit when Miranda first appeared she annoyed the hell out of me. She did grow on me more as the story developed. Carrie was pretty much just Carrie pretty much unchanged from the first book. Would have liked to see more of young Charlotte and how she came to fit into newly formed group of growing friendships. 

She did grow up quite a lot throughout, and I had the idea she had a set plan on how everything in New York would work out, but nothing of course went as it was planned. People she knew from her home town made appearances and things changed in unexpected ways. 

I loved the sense of New York in the book, so easy to picture, a real sense of place making you feel like you were really there. Nothing particularly dramatic or remarkable really seemed to happen plot wise. It was just a fun, enjoyable read. Perfect for an afternoon escape. 

Also crosses off a square for my Summer Bingo reading challenge - A pink cover