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Review: Everneath

Everneath - Brodi Ashton

I don't actually have a whole lot to say about this one. I liked it. I thought the concept was pretty good, though the main character did irritate me quite a bit. She was of the woe is me variety.


It was an intriguing plot, though. And I did quite like the use of mythology woven into the Everneath - an underworld like place. Mixed with both Greek and Egyptian mythology. The premise of the novel was Niki had been seduced by bad boy Cole, an Everliving, a denizen of this Everneath underworld and tricked into going with him when she discovered a secret about her boyfriend she didn't want to know.


Its a mix of the Persephone myth and Orpheus and Eurydice woven together and it actually works pretty well. The novel focuses on Niki's sort of escape from the Everneath and trying to figure out how to deal with her family and friends who are reeling from her disappearance the first time she was suckered in.


Cole is your average YA bad boy hunk, in a bad, with special soul sucking powers. Though I'm somewhat baffled as to how he managed to be attracted to Niki. Who is the ordinary type with a great best friend and a cool jock boyfriend. Jack the boyfriend is the hottest guy in school and Niki gets him. She's insecure and whiny. She knows a few less than endearing facts about Jack, including the cheerleader exgirlfriend who wants him back.


I can understand why she liked him, and I can even understand how she can be insecure, I would guess it would be a fairly safe bet to say that most girls in Niki's position would love to have an awesome hot superstar boyfriend. But...eh, something about it annoyed me.


The story is told in a then and now fashion, what led Niki to be suckered in by Cole and what happened when she escapes. Though I must admit, Jack really did come through for her in the latter half of the novel. There was some good world building, and I liked it enough to have already picked up the other two books in the trilogy so looking forward to seeing where this is going.