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Review: Fangirl

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

I'd kind of avoided this one for a while, mainly because its description hit a little too close to home for me (I was the girl in college who was obsessed with fanfiction more than anything) but I found it in a local supermarket on sale, so figured, what the hell, I'd give it a shot.


And I did fall absolutely in love with it. I could easily identify with Cath, why its so much easier to immerse yourself in fanfiction with a world you love whose characters you know and whose world you know than to write original stuff (I have creative writing degree and I found the fanfiction helped immensely in learning to create your own stuff, I wrote LJ Smith fanfiction, using the worlds created but with my own characters which was a great starting point for progressing to my own stuff) but I can totally get where Cath is coming from. Writing original fiction can be very daunting.


There were plenty of times throughout the novel where I wanted to shake her she was so hermit like. Its like - these people the roommate and Levi - are throwing you a bone, offering you a social lift. For fuck's sake take it!!! But then I remind myself, I would probably do the same thing Cath did, say thanks but no and go back to whatever I was writing.


(I know I'm making a lot of personal comparisons with this review but this was such a personal book for me).


I did also quite like how that there were other things added into the story as well as the fanfiction element, Cath's family problems created a good drama element. And the relief came in the form of Levi. Who was a total sweetheart. And I loved the little Simon Snow snippets worked in as well.


The only reason it wasn't a five star rating was because I didn't like the ending. The book just seemed to stop. I could have done with another 50 pages or more for a conclusion. Other than that I loved the book.