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Review: Storm Siren

Storm Siren - Mary Weber

I received a copy from Netgalley.


Not for me. I was very disappointed with this book. The cover caught my eye immediately and the blurb sounded intriguing. Though almost immediately something about the main character's attitude grated on my nerves from the first few pages. We learn she's a slave who has gone through a hell of a lot of owners. First thing that comes to mind...why? She's got an air about her. I think its supposed to be aloof and mysterious but frankly to me came off as bitchy and arrogant.


She's from a line of Elementals who are very dangerous and not supposed to exist. She has a definite attitude about it, which is sort of understandable, its a dangerous power that has caused pain and death to people around her. I just did not like this girl one little bit.


The concept was good, the kingdom she lives in is at war with another kingdom, the woman who buys the girl knows what she is and is a powerful and influential woman. She wants to train our heroine to be a weapon to win the war.


The guy doing the training is supposed to be aloof and cold and not liking people much. Of course he's sex on legs and our heroine notices this immediately. There's a connection between them and its obvious where the romance is going to be.


There was also no world building, made up slang thrown in which was annoying without knowing the context (and use of the word Kraken as a slang term too which just struck me as weird).


While the plot was fairly interesting, a few side characters were introduced but quickly became annoying. And I just could not stand the main character. Which is why I gave up at 48%. I just had no real interest in another whiny obnoxious speshul snowflake. Sometimes in these sort of circumstances, having an attitude when you've got horrible destructive powers you can't control is understandable, so is wanting to distance yourself from people. But not this girl.


At least not for me.


Thank you to Netgalley and Thomas Nelson Fiction for approving my request to view this title.


Crosses off a square for my Summer Bingo Challenge - Storm Rain or Thunder in title.